Midnight Dandelions - Phase 2

I've been asked lately what I have been working on with regards to oil-painting. It is a large painting I had begun in the fall  and left to "ferment" so to speak. Some paintings are like that...you throw down the inital phase and enjoy that while always knowing there is more to come. And now, here it comes.


Below is a close-up of one of the dandelion puffs.

I like all the colours that are slowly working their way in.

Seed pods are on my mind, which is no surprise as I walk down the roads around my home. The last time I went down roads with no sidewalks and nothing but long grass and "weeds" on the verge was when I was a child. Forms and shapes catch my eye as well as textures and colours such as the silvery blonde of the rushes in the ditches next to the maroon twigs of pussy-willows.  There are some seed-pods that are easily recognizable but some are elusive and tease the brain. You can almost see in your mind's eye what they were in their flower stage, but it is hazy and suggestive and no doubt I will be completely wrong come this summer when I come across them again. "Oh, that's not what I was expecting at ALL", I will say to the amused plant who will roll its eyes to the other plants as I walk past.