Bee Keeping Workshop

Today was a pleasant outing for a 2 hr bee-keeping workshop at Fredrich's Bee Farm.  It was actually sunny though chilly. Thebeeman

Theo, the bee-keeper was funny and chatty and stood about in his thin sweater and apron, hefting boxes about and dipping his hands in cold water to wash off the sticky honey while we stood about bundled up in coats and hats and gloves. ( I thought he was about sixty but he then said he had been bee-keeping for sixty years and still felt he was learning. Honey must be good for body and soul!) He said, normally, spring cleaning each box would take him but moments in order to minimize disturbance to the bees, but for us it he would take a bit longer to demonstrate. Fortunately, his bees were as pleasant natured as he was and weren't too grumpy having their homes opened for curious eyes. He does this teaching for free to give back to the community.