April Full Moon - The Full Fish Moon

Here we are again with another full moon. I wish we used proper names for our moons- it is far more interesting to call a full moon in April, a "Full Fish Moon' or "Full Sprouting Grass Moon" instead of...well... a full moon in April.  It was made more spectacular for it happened during the Lunar Perigee, that is... when the Moon is closest to the Earth during its monthly orbit. So the Wow factor was huge for us here without clouds in the sky.

An evening walk along the beach was of soft pastels


and then, coming down the path...the moon, already a glowing golden lantern in the falling twilight.



We walked home and after supper, lit a fire in the garden...well, in the firepit...not in the garden.



And watched as the moonlight filled all the shadows with silvery light.

We watched Sirius, the Dog-Star, putting on a show of its own with amazing twinkles, flashes and sparkles.