Shadows and Light

Next month, the Salt Spring Gallery of Fine Art is hosting our show, "Shadows and Light". The show runs from June 14th -28th, with the reception on June 14th at 4:30, so if you are around, do drop by for a glass of wine and a look around. It is always nice to share what we have been creating in our studios. Peter Allan creates powerful pieces out of soapstone; introspective and earthy. I feel there is that element of Myth and Beginnings to his work; the beginning from whence all our universal stories come.  Have a look here: Noble Sculpture Studios to see what I mean, though to see them in person is when you get the impact. The sculptures try to contain themselves and fit "properly" into the gallery space but you have a feeling, that given the chance, the sculptures would not try to behave. Yes, there is a bit of the labyrinthine quality to his work, a darker, more earthy side; the part within all of us that asks, "How deep within yourself are you willing to go? What will you do with the answers?"

There is a poem by John O'Donohue called, "For Light", and the first stanza makes me think of Peter's works.

 Light cannot see inside things.

That is what the dark is for:

Minding the interior,

Nurturing the draw of growth

Through places where death

In its own way turns into life.


Thank goodness for poets. They can put into words what we can not.