The Hives

We have two beehives in the garden now. Did I already mention that? I can't remember with all the goings on around here. At any rate, we have two hives named "Party Hive" and "Sky Hive". The nicknames kinda stuck the very first evening we put them in their homes. I'm sure something more noble will follow, but for now that is who they are. Both hives have different personalities. Party Hive is always super active, really sweet-tempered and always curious about what is going on in the garden. Sky Hive is very mellow and also sweet-tempered but more busy with what is going on IN the hive rather than out. Yin and Yang I suppose.

Sitting with the Bees

Anyway, I had a peek to see how they were faring with the poor weather conditions. I'm pleased to see both hives looking healthy.


New Comb