Cowichan Valley Lavender Labyrinth

Whitespike_lavenderThe bees were a-buzz at the lavender labyrinth and no wonder, with 20 varieties of lavender to examine. The variety "White Spike", was a favourite amongst those walking the labyrinth although there were some other fantastic lavenders as well, such as the ones that had an apple or fruity scent and oh yes, the yellow lavender that smelled like lemons was also a hit (I noticed they were sold out of the pots).


The maze itself is fairly large but not overwhelmingly so and if you get a chance, when you are in the gift shop, ask for a peak at their drying room. It is truly a wonderous place of cool, dark lavender goodness. You could be cured of what ails you just by standing in there I reckon!


TullyThey of course have the sweetest dog. She's a little scruff of a thing with the cutest fur, well, just look at her... snoogums! She's the official greeter.

If you can get a chance to go, I highly recommend it. Cowichan Valley Lavender Labyrinth