The Garden Gardens Itself


The garden overfloweth. I left my little garden area to its own devices. I put in the perennials I had brought from the old garden, threw in some sunflower and nasturtium seeds and ignored it. I wanted to see how well it would fare on its own and if indeed there would be enough sun for anything to flourish.

I needn't have worried. Everything took off, even the grapes finally got in on the act though I still might move them to another spot. The rose bush is not happy. I do realize that and that too will have to be moved to an area with more sun. I am pleased it survived the move though and that is all that matters. Mags2_nasturtiums

I tell Maggie not to walk through the nasturtiums as the bees are humming in the blooms and wouldn't want any sudden misfortune to happen either to dog or bee.

So she sits and waits while I admire the tumble.



Yawn. Okay. One more pic.



Ya think I planted too many nasturtium seeds?

Quite different from when I first arrived and it was a chicken pen.