"Meadow" Painting

Another painting I had underway, but since I have succumbed to an overload of paint/paint medium fumes I will be taking a hiatus from oil painting. I guess small increments add up over time. I think I would have not used the medium quite as much, if at all, had there been a warning label on the bottle of Liquin. But there was nothing. It took many months of erratic symptoms for me to check out the safety sheet with the listed chemicals. (Remember kids, just because everyone else is using it...) Gulp. I might as well have been huffing Pam cooking spray all this time.

So it shall sit waiting its turn to be completed, if ever. In the meantime, I can get on with other projects I have in mind, so it isn't necessarily a bad thing... except for the brain-damage. I kid.  (Do I?) After a period of time of detoxing my body, I'll try using walnut oil for a medium (linseed just seems way too flammable to me) and hope I can go back to oil painting and so this little gem can get finished.