Paper Forests

I've been messing with the mulberry paper tree sketches. Playing with the possibilities of collage. Not exactly sure where it is going. A sun in gold iridescent ink is need of course.


The gold pigment settles out of the medium to the bottom. I always like how it looks. The effect on paper is actually more subtle.

 I'm liking the layered look of the trees. It gives the feeling of spaces between things. The relationship of distances between and where we are in that. Air and space is not empty, but filled with an incredible amount of things whizzing in-between, we are just one of these forms, as are trees and rocks and birds and mountains...but all those in-between spaces... filled with potential and surprises.

I'm liking the stitching as well. Things being pulled back together. The thread is an iridescent blue. I wanted bronze or copper but alas, the sewing box is pretty empty of such things. So blue it is.  We shall see how things progress with this piece. I am curious as to where next.