A trip far away...

Time flies...and definitely time for an update and to post a few pics from my trip to Peru.  We headed up north from Lima, along the very dry coast and turned into the interior, rising from sea-level to about 12 500 feet. Staying at various places along the way, we explored old temples, spent some nights under the stars, met up with old friends and made new ones.


The extremely beautiful desert temple complex structure of Caral - the Temple of Fire.

On one of our many 8hr road trips, we stopped to stretch our legs with Cordillera Blanca watching over us. Maryanne. Jhaimy.

Lake Chinancocha ( also called Lagunas de Llanganuco), nestling between two mighty mountains; Huarascan (22,205 ft) and Huandoy, the second tallest peak in the Cordillera Blanca.

Strolling in a quiet town, we came across these two old friends. You could tell they had been together their whole lives. We stood about chatting. Funny how that happens... we hardly knew any Spanish and they but two or three words of English and yet we managed to cover all the important things of where to get the best empanadas, who was married and who was dating and how come we weren't cold in such a high altitude.

We all agreed leg-warmers were the way to go.

Getting the job done... a tailor in a high mountain town.

This couple ran a charming hostel and were old as time. We felt out-of-sync; high energy city people that were always coming and going. They sat in the sun and watched the cats and chickens, gave advice and generally held it all down like mountains in a landscape, while we whirled around like flies.  I have no idea what they thought of us, but no doubt memories of us will keep them amused for months to come.


Kitties only. No chickens allowed.

I would be remiss if I did not comment on the absolute charm of Peruvian dogs. They have the best personalities as they are not coddled like North American dogs. They will sit with you if they choose to. They will ask for a pet and and companionship if they are in the mood. Mostly they are doing dog stuff and give you a little hi on their way to doing whatever needs to be done.

Case in point... this dog was busy sunning herself in a busy Lima sidewalk intersection. She was so fast asleep she groggily came to only to give me some sleepy eyes. Crazy gringo, can't you see I'm asleep? Her owner, who ran a shop on the corner, was equally amused at me chatting away to her dog.

Sunset next to a temple/tomb. Sunrise clouds. Sunrise on Maryanne (on the way home.)