I have been away...

IMG_7228 3.JPG

from doing artful things and instead filling my head with textbooky things. I have been outdoor things from time to time, but mostly studying.

Here we are in Tofino for my birthday. Lots of lovely bull kelp washed ashore. I've never seen so much of it at once. It looks a bit H.R. Giger.

IMG_7170 2.JPG

We even had some blue skies!

Then there was snowfall in December. Very pretty.

And a snowman was made.

And then to his surprise, a deer ate his nose in the night. It's not easy being a snowman.


And then some Christmas merriment with good friends. But other than that, it's been all studying and more to do I'm afraid though I shall try to get in some little sketches in my sketchbooks.