Fall Chestnuts

I had found these chestnuts a few weeks earlier on a walk through the park. I know there aren't any left now due to the obsessive cleaning by the park's people so I feel lucky to have found them when I did. Not that I needed more. Oh you know the routine. Don't play innocent with me.  Every year you pick some up and put them in your pocket and they mingle with the ones you picked up the year before because you are now wearing your fall coat from last year. It's the same with autumn leaves, you pick some up and put them in your pocket and forget about them. They get crushed to smithereens and the smithereens stick to your kneaded gum eraser and it's all a big bother to pick the bits out so you leave it and everything gets embarassing when you have to hunt for change when you buy a coffee. (I once had to tell a cashier, after depositing a stick on the counter in my search for money, that it was my dog's stick, even though Maggie was nowhere in sight.)  I mean there's only so much explaining one can do when it comes to pockets.
Anyway, these are the non-edible type of chestnuts... Horse Chestnuts or <i>Aesculus hippocastanum</i> and are not a true chestnut. Ha! Imposter! The true chestnut is <i>Castanea</i> and our favourite, the sweet chestnut, comes to mind <i>Castanea sativa</i>. Hmmm...come to think of it, it will be soon time to pick some up on the next shopping trip.