A Fungus By Any Other Name

Don't you just love the names of fungi? People were really having fun when they came up with nicknames for mushies. Names like, Train Wrecker, Witch's Butter, Sickner, Poison Pie or Angel Wings.  There are some boring ones too mind you, like, "Small Mushroom With Navel". Out of all the things you could call it,  <i>that</i> was the best? I bet that person got excluded from mycology outings after that faux pas. "Oh there's Sir Daniel Wotherspun. Don't make eye contact. Did you hear what he named his discovered fungus? Quick let's hide in the boxwood maze".
"Oh yes, Ra-<i>ther</i>".

I like reading about mushrooms and drawing mushrooms but I'll be damned if I can tell which one is which even with the guide book. Nevermind if you don't have the guidebook with you on your walk. Just ne-ver-mind. There's no hope. I got lucky today though and that is one time out of five years lucky. I sketched some fungus growing out of a decaying tree and when I got home and flipped through my mushroom books I found NOTHING. So I turned to the internet and just as I was thinking what a futile search it was, I happened upon the picture and name quite accidentally. Turns out it is common as dirt. I reckon it was so common that it wasn't even worth mentioning in the books. Sheesh. Anyway, it turned out to be Candlesnuff Fungus or Staghorn Fungus.