Heron Scarin'

Okay bad title but I couldn't help it. I startled a large grey heron down at the creek and it startled me as it didn't make a sound. It was the silent, unfolding of shadow which made me stop in my tracks until my brain caught up with eyes. It flew up the creek and came to rest on a branch and that always makes me smile, seeing a heron perched on a tree branch as they look so ungainly up there.
On another note, I watched the neighbourhood grey squirrel bury something in the garden again and that made me wonder enough to get out there and have a peek. Sure as apples to oranges it was a half-eaten tulip bulb, no doubt freshly planted by some industrious gardener, only to be dug up moments later by the equally industrious squirrel. It's a madhouse I tell you. A MADHOUSE!