Skunkus Amongstus

Saw a striped skunk last night when I took Maggie out. It looked smaller than usual, so maybe a youngster? I thought it would be getting too chilly out there but I guess zero degrees is just fine with them. I will have to be more careful as Mags already got sprayed quite badly in the face in the earlier part of autumn. The skunk was on the patio out back and when we let the dog out...disaster. But that still doesn't stop me from liking skunks so I thought I would do a little skunk research.

Latin name: Mephitis Mephitis (means "stench stench") ( tee hee)
Litter: about five and born late April to early June
Has : sharp teeth and claws
Is: omnivorous and eats many things such as rats, mice, beetles, scorpions, spiders (including black widows) worms, caterpillars, cutworms, crickets, frogs and human garbage
Chief Enemies: great horned owls, foxes, coyotes and cars (poor eyesight)
Defense: able to spray 6 times before emptied out / takes 10 days to replenish supply
The word 'skunk' comes from the Abenakis word "segonku" which means,  "one who squirts"
Does not hibernate (sigh)


sunrise- 7:53
sunset- 4:14
high +4 / low -1