The Boss

Funny how the weather changes and then you think it has always been this way. It was so cool and rainy at the beginning of the season and now it is hard to believe that the deck is too hot to walk on.
Today, in the garden, I was bossed about by a young sparrow as I was watering. He sat on a branch and chirruped at me without pausing for breath, and with each string of insistent chirrups he hopped further along the branch at eye-level until I could almost touch him. I chatted back to him while I kept watering. I made my way over to the far side of the garden and he followed me and landed on the grass behind me. "Yeah, yeah, " I said to his obviously many complaints, "You call an upturned plastic saucer a bird bath? You call those seeds fit for sparrows?" Thankfully it wasn't just me he had problems with as he was bossy to the local crow who came by for a drink, who I might add, did not spurn the plastic saucer.  The sparrow chirruped from the grape-vine posts all the while the crow was drinking and even followed him to the washing-line pole and kept on with his chatter, which the crow was pointedly ignoring. Come on buddy, take a hint!