Next Door Neighbour

So my next door neighbour is an older Italian lady who speaks very little English but can garden and weed her veggie patch faster than it takes me to put my gardening gloves on. It's embarrassing but true. She does not like the crows at all. I had nestled a second plastic saucer in the fake wishing well ( no wishes in there) and he, the crow, flew over for a drink.
Later my neighbour saw him sitting on the fence and flung open her screen door and hissed loud enough for me to jump. I smoothly removed the water dish before she noticed it an put it on the far side of the yard. Otherwise, I imagine the conversation might go something like this:

Philomena (wise old Italian): Aheidi, why you wanna the crow? They eat all the food.
Me (stupid city girl): Yeah, well, umm, I like birds.
Philomena (seen it all, shrugs): Yeah, but you no wanna birds. Is bad.
Me (shrugs back): Okay.
Philomena (a final, closing the conversation shrug): Okay then.

Because, when it comes to the veggie garden versus birding, the garden has got to win and that too, is okay by me.