Bird Caller

Took the bird call to the woods today and squeaked it for around 40 seconds. Nothing happened. No birds came all curious to see what the noise was about. Although a juvenile Bald Eagle flew over my head about twenty-five fee up and did a circle around and then flew off. Then a second one launched itself out of the top of a Western Hemlock and followed the first. Could be coincidence though, since Bald Eagles hang around that part of the forest. I have seen them before.

I used the bird call a little further into the woods when I heard the Kinglets high in the treetops. They stopped calling and no bird came down to investigate.  The only thing it did was greatly upset a wren who called repeatedly.

p.s. I think I won't use the bird caller anymore. I can't justify using something which upsets birds to satisfy my curiosity. If I happen to catch sight of them, then lucky me, but mimicking a bird in distress to get the other birds to come and investigate just borders on the sadistic.


Very excited. Spotted my first Purple Finch today at the feeder. I've been wondering if I would be able to recognize the difference, the House and the Purple being so similar. Now that I have witnessed the Purple Finch, there is no mistaking the colour as the Purple is indeed a blue-red and the House, an orange-red. If in any doubt, the Purple does not have the brown cap that the House Finch sports.