Cedar Waxwings = Total Joy

I was just leaving my block on a walk when I heard birds making calls I did not recognize. It turned out to be Cedar Waxwings flocking up ( okay, maybe only five) in my neighbour's tree. I couldn't believe it as I hadn't seen any for a few years. I hurried back to my house and grabbed the binoculars and saw, sure enough, that they were, indeed, Cedar Waxwings. One of them obligingly showed me his white undertail so I could properly ID the Waxwing as a Cedar and not a Bohemian, which has a rusty coloured undertail.

The beautiful blue-green cloud I had been admiring turned out to be, to my chagrin, a hail cloud. Thankfully, the hail was tiny and not like the large sizes of Calgary's fist-sized stones ( as my husband likes to point out every time the word 'hail' is mentioned).