Stanley Park

A sunny Saturday today and everyone, including us, decided a walk in Stanely Park would be just the thing. The usual suspects were hanging about; Goldeneyes, Wigeons and Mallards. I was looking for the Red-Breasted Mergansers and the Harlequin Ducks in their usual hangout but didn't see them, though I'm not surprised as it was a very busy day right along the seawall.
We did see a Chestnut-backed Chickadee which was a treat as you don't often see them around the garden. I'm not sure why that is because according to they do not spurn bird feeders in general. Perhaps it is just not forested enough in this neighbourhood to make them feel comfortable, what with a forested region not far up the road.Come nesting time, they should pay me a visit. Apparently, CB Chickadees really, really like to line their nests with fur and with Maggie starting to shed her winter coat, we could outfit their homes with supershag wall-to-wall indoor carpeting!