About Spinyurchin

Heidi and Maggie

I would like to be known for sharing the beauty of nature with
others through my artwork. 

As I am inspired and driven by nature, I in turn want to motivate and
inspire others to see the world with new eyes.


I choose subjects from nature that are often overlooked. It
is not just the magnificent sunset or a sweeping vista that interest me but
nature in all its complex details such as the intricate scaffolding of a
seedpod in a winter field or the delicate iridescence in a spray of seaweed. It
is these hidden things that drive my passion.


Watercolour, ink and wash (and currently oils) are my chosen
media in and out of the studio. Plein air painting and sketching is important
to me as it makes one entirely present and aware in a manner rarely achievable
indoors with a photograph.


My style is loose with a suggestion of detail to tie the
work together in a readable piece. I feel I have completed the painting only
when I have captured the essence of the subject and not worked in a too heavy-handed
and precise manner.  I am only
content when the hand of the artist is no longer present in the painting.