Lighthouse Park

Snow dusted the mountains this morning and we figured on having a snowshoe later in the afternoon. Hubby's work dragged on until most of the afternoon had disappeared so we decided to do a seashore walk around Lighthouse Park which turned out to be the right choice as the dog was immensely happy to not be left behind (no dogs allowed on snowshoe trails, not even good dogs). We saw about five or six Bald Eagles flying overhead chasing each other. It must be pairing up time. It is usual to see them in this location and one could almost be blase about them except this time, one chased the other into the understory of the Douglas Firs and much crashing ensued. It is really something to see such a large bird pushing through the branches, twenty feet above your head, heedless of its smooth feather perfection.

Here's Maggie, immensely enjoying herself.