Baby Sparrow

My next door neighbour called me over to put a baby bird back into the nest. It was a house sparrow that had fallen out of the low rafters and had survived the fall to the concrete. My neighbour couldn't manage to do it as he had broken a rib and being the soft-hearted caring fella he was he called me from over to help.  After groping blindly with a tentative hand above my head, I managed to figure out where the occupied nest was ( there seemed to be several nests on the go) and felt the beak of another nest-mate ( they were all being quiet and holding their breath while this monstrous thing groped around) and then I simply tipped the bird back in and you should have heard all the peeping from his siblings. And yes, I know house sparrows are the bane of existence, right up there with starlings, ivy and purple loosestrife, but I couldn't let the little thing bake in the 32 degree heat. No way.
For all my bitching about invasive species, at least I know I'm a hypocrite.