An Afternoon at Lighthouse Park

This is the view from the smooth rocks at Lighthouse Park. Well, usually there is more of a view but it was very hazy. Actually, we had the occasion to observe two navy choppers doing their manoeuvrings on and off a warship. Of course, my friend and I just made smart remarks like, " Oh, can we go back, I forgot my wallet?" and " Oh, I have to pee, can we go back? " and "I hate these khakis, can we fly back so I can change into my other khakis?"  Yes, we are so mature.
Anyway, by the time I finished wiping watermelon juice from my hands and pulling out my gear, the ship and choppers had up and gone, hence the expanse of water in the picture.  Never underestimate the power of withering scorn. Or more likely, never underestimate the power of procrastination.