Seedy Saturday

Found quite a few seeds that I was after at the Seedy Saturday.

BeestampMany companies were there as well as the local seed exhange table.

I bought a variety of seeds for flowers that bees like as well as some cool herbs from Eagleridge Seeds and some tobacco seeds from Mountain Seed Co.

Valerian, Angelica, Marshmallow, Motherwort, Hyssop, Figwort, and Lemon Catnip (2 packs by accident, so I must really need them without knowing I need them) are the ones I bought. I didn't buy any vegetable seeds as I only have so much room to start seedlings off and the bee garden is what I want to focus on this summer.

Oh and the Land Conservancy had a table there with a Pollinator Program wherein you plant some sunflower seeds (you are given a free packet of Lemon Queen) and you are to observe the bees on your plants come summer and report in what you see and how many you see. So that rocks.

Also scored an amazing pot of Snowdrops. Wish I had bought MORE!