On Snowdrops

Snowdrops are my most favourite spring flower, yes, even a bit more than chionodoxa, and perhaps a bit more than lovely clean white crocus and the really orangey-yellow crocus...I like those too. So, finally, I have bought some for my garden. I have always wanted some, and never bought any, I don't know why, funny how things are like that. But anyway, now I have some!


How amazing is that large pot I bought at the Seedy Saturday event from local gardeners? The answer is, "very amazing".  $10 for that huge chunk and $4.50 for the teeny one on the left I bought at a garden nursery a few days ago. Yeash.


But first, a few snowdrop sketches and the beginnings of an oil painting so I can remember them until next year.

(I think they felt very pleased to be featured before I popped them in the garden...there they are sitting on the cupboard top.)

And here they are in the garden.


The garden has a long way to come, but it is a start and I have to remind myself what it will be three years from now. The whole area used to be a chicken coop and before you wax excited by having chicken manure, also know the considerable amount of weeds and brambles growing here as well. We Ken took down the old fencing and put in new posts, mesh and a new gate. The shrub is a very healthy camellia loaded with flower buds, so it will be fun to see what colour they will be in a few short weeks.


Ohh, noes, why must you always take so many pictures of me?

Because you sit so baggy and have yoda ears.