May Full Moon Fire

It is always good to remember to have a fire and a full moon is a good reminder to do so. Jupiter joined in the party, so brightly shining it made your head hurt thinking about what you are really seeing... there in Space... and yet here I sit on my log by the fire. Smaller than small. Boggles the mind it does. Mayfire

The dog, after much coaxing joined us. She does not trust fires. Sensible creature. It is a tricky element to be sure... but in this case she was no doubt concerned for our fur. Why would we sit next to something that could spark our fur? She didn't get it. Reluctantly, she shambled out and sat behind us, ducking down behind the log. She conceded to be wrapped up in the blankets and managed to stay put for about thirty minutes. Magsbyfire

She couldn't wait to get back in her for reals bed in the closet. The Paleolithic-hunting-dog companion-to-man gene does not dwell in this one.