On Flying Slugs

No one wants to step on our native Banana Slug, for they are charming creatures and humble. Often they are on their way, crossing a well-used forest path...crossing...slowly..... And of course, we being human, and too fast for the pace of nature, things can happen.  Banana_slug

So it is my policy to help along a Banana Slug by picking it up and moving it to the other side in the direction it was heading. Yes. A Policy.

Of course, this no doubt causes a ripple effect we don't know about, being human, too fast for the pace of nature and arrogant. But still, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and I do like a smooth surface.

Banana Slug to Another Banana Slug: And there I was on the old Cedar Trail when all of a sudden I was flying... like...three feet off the ground!

Other Banana Slug: Mmmhmmm. Flying you say?

Banana Slug: Yeah. One minute I was here and the next I was there. You can come and check my slime trail if you don't believe me. See. It starts here, goes along and then it stops abruptly and picks up about 4 feet away. I saw the tops of the ferns!!

Other Banana Slug, inching away from Banana Slug: Ohhhhkay... yeah... I just gotta... go...left the stove on...stuff to do...

And then that Banana Slug was ostracized from the rest of the forest denizens, classified as crazy and formed a support group for other Flying Slugs, who slowly...very slowly... worked their way from all parts of the island to discuss, repeatedly and in tiring detail, their flying adventure. Now some hang about those old trails, hoping for a re-occurrence and others, now too fragile, dare not leave their burrows.

Road to hell, people.. road... to... hell.